Little Rookies Video

Lightning 'Little Rookies' is operated by Carlsbad Lightning Soccer Club Directors Michael Duggan and Glenn Malone with Little Rookies Coaching Staff including Phil Shuttleworth.

About Us

Many of you are looking for the next step in your child's soccer development. We are happy to offer our Lightning Little Rookies program, designed to help your child take the 'next step' in their soccer development. Little Rookies is designed for the 5 to 7 year old age range. We will  teach your kids this sport (rather than coach them) through fun training methods and games. Players will improve their dribbling, trapping, passing and shooting in a safe, fun and passionate soccer learning environment where the ball is THEIR  best friend!  We will also focus on ‘Transitional Soccer’ with lots of 1V1, 2V2, and 3V3. Each session will finish with small side scrimmages.

For times, dates, locations, and registration links to our upcoming or active sessions please click HERE.

Also don't forget the Little Rascalz class as well, designed for the 3-5 age range:

  • Coach Philly doing what he does best!
  • Ryan learns how to properly throw the ball!
  • Please Coach, I want to learn!
  • Goal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Buffalo time for the Parents - Little Rookies target practice!
  • Coach Philly getting his point across!
  • Time for Buffalo!
  • The girls getting stuck in!!
  • Just look at that focus! Lovin' it!
  • Another fun session comes to an end :(